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hi friend! 

I'm Amanda, the human behind the lens at Island Roots Photography. I live in Victoria, BC. I was born and raised on this beautiful island and after moving away for university, this island is where I decided to truly lay down roots… island roots, if you will ;) 


I am married to my best friend and we have two children, who are our world. Being a mom has humbled me in my inability to bottle up time and hit the pause button. I have yet to find the pause button, but what we do have is our memories. I strive to capture you in the now, as your truest self. So that one day you can look back at your photos and remember the little moments in between the big moments - because more often than not, those are what truly matter the most. To remember the way your kids eyes lit up with wonder or how their smiles and contagious laughter echoed through your soul. These are truly the moments I want to remember forever of my own kids, of my own life. 


I am the first to admit that I am very type A and I am an extroverted introvert. I’m not shy and I thrive off of connecting with new people but I am 100% a home body. 

I am so happy you’re here and I hope we capture some candid, raw and timeless memories for you and your family! 



Ps. I think I’m hilarious so get ready to laugh, whether it's at me or with me, I don’t mind one bit! But get ready!


She’s managed to become a favourite person of our 2 year old, and always has a lot of patience with him when setting up our shoots. She’s very intentional with her approach - she knows her vision and works to create it, while also providing uniqueness to the individuals.

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