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The Experience

My goal is to make sure you feel fully taken care of throughout the entire process as we work together to capture moments that are authentic to you and your family. I understand how getting photos done can be an investment and I want you to know that I get it. I am so honoured that you are trusting me to capture these moments for you, whether they are for a big milestone in your life or for some of the smaller moments you just never want to forget. 

We will work together to plan out your session. My goal is to ensure your vision comes to life for what you want to capture. We will combine your vision and ideas with my guidance and recommendations to create photos that will make you feel when you look back at them.

That is the true reason we are here. Capturing your moments today so that when they are memories, you can look back at the photos and remember the way you felt. 

- Amanda

So what is a typical session with me like...?


We will meet at the pre-planned location, whether that's a parking lot or parking on the side of the road, or in the middle of a field. 


Once we meet we will chat through any last minute outfit questions. Eliminate options at this point so we don't have to carry around extra stuff. 

Time to Relax

At this point we typically have to walk a little bit to get to where we are going to actually shoot. This is where you can start to relax because the stress of getting ready for the session is over! We will chat as we walk - you know, small talk to get comfy with each other.  

Set Up

Once we make it to the specific location where we are going to start to shoot, we ensure you are all dressed with the final details while I start to set up my cameras. 


Before we start to shoot I will give you a few last minute tips to keep in mind throughout the session. 


It's finally time to capture some photos! I will provide you with prompts and posing guidance throughout the session. Sometimes I will be very specific and others I might be more vague so that you have the opportunity to do what feels natural to you! I will talk a lot throughout the session, often cracking jokes that I think are hilarious. My goal is to make you feel comfortable and if that means having you laughing at me instead of with me then that is a-ok with me!

Location Change

Typically throughout the session we will move around between a few different spots at our location to ensure we are getting the best lighting as well as variety in the final images. 

Outfit Change

Approximately half way through or if we make a major location change, this is when we would have you change your outfit to your second option (if applicable)

Last Poses

Once I feel confident in what we've captured, I will always ask you if you had any poses or specific shots you wanted us to capture before we end our session. 

The end

Once we all feel confident in what we've captured, which typically happens right at that 45m to 1 hour mark, we will call it! 

Still have a few questions?

Check out my Frequently Asked Questions page



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About Me

Get to know me, who I am  and my reason why I do this and how it all started.

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